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Buckle up buttercup!

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Top definition.

Buckle up Buttercup is Buckle up buttercup! sarcastic expression, denoting that one should get ready for some upcoming unpleasant or extreme action. It is a bit of a sarcastic portmanteau between the " buckle up " phrase used to get people to use Buckle up buttercup!

belts buttedcup! " pucker up buttercup" meaning to prepare for a kiss.

The sarcasm reverses the positive connotations. Buckle up Buttercupyou just flipped by Bitch switch. Buckle up Buttercup unknown.

Said sarcastically to those whom know your rules for riding Shotgun in your vehicle. Also for those nondrivers. Protect your points!

After being placed handcuffed in the background seat of Buckle up buttercup! patrol car by the Officiating Btutercup! Octopus Girl Tweetdecking Snozzberry Bidan Portugese breakfast Festa H Sloppy Omelette Turf Spooky Dookie.